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30 servings

The First Pre-Cardio Fat Burning Drink!


ALPHA CUTS® is a "new generation" thermogenic fat burner in powder form.

Designed to be both a potent fat mobilizer and an energy producing compound that works by triggering lipolytic actions in your metabolic system.

Biochemically superior to all regular fat loss powders ALPHA CUTS® works on several different levels due to it's unique formulation and extreme effectiveness. High potency, pureness of ingredients and an integrated balance of these sources compelled Alpha Pro Nutrition®to write MAXIMUM STRENGTH above the product name!

ALPHA CUTS® is not a product for first time users or people who don't take their workouts seriously. ALPHA CUTS® is an advanced formula for semi-advanced to advanced athletes who are already in tune with their body and how it reacts to potent substances. It's been tested extensively on pro bodybuilders and world class athletes who have given our biochemists crucial feedback on what they expected from a thermogenic formula and what results were obtained by their own ALPHA CUTS® usage.


  • Pre-Cardio fat burner

  • Burns fat cells for energy

  • Increases thermogenesis

  • Mood enhancer

  • Increases mental focus

The amazing Alpha Cuts® POWDER formula


Clarinol®, Conjugated Linoleic Acid Only CLA found in Clarinol® can boast the most in-depth and up to date scientific studies that confirm Conjugated Linoleic Acid as a leading “fat melting” fatty acid.CLA is an improved form on Linoleic Acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid extremely important to our health. It’s well known for it’s anti-catabolic effects on human muscle tissue along with being a potent anti-oxidant.CLA helps in naturally lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, increasing basic metabolism and boosting your immune system. It inhibits the activity of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL). LPL transfers fats from the bloodstream to the fat cells and consequently the transport of fat into fat cells is blocked. At the same time CLA also stimulates the breakdown of stored body fat (lipolysis). CLA increases the activity of the enzyme CPT (Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase). 

This unique form of Carnitine is present in muscle tissue and is responsible for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria where energy production takes place. Fat can now be used as fuel for energy production. With an increased activity of CPT in the skeletal muscle, CLA increases the transport of fat into the mitochondria where it can be used to full benefit. 


L-Tyrosine is a multi-functional free form amino acid that has several different benefits to athletes. The two main reasons for inclusion in the Alpha Cuts® formula are 1) Cognitive and focus factors. This amazing amino acid has been reported time and again to increase motivation before exercising, alleviate depression and create an overall sense of well being. L Tyrosine is often called the ultimate mood enhancer. It is also the precursor of several neurotransmitters, including L-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. 2) Thermogenic effect. When administered orally L Tyrosine acts quickly in raising metabolic rate therefore burning more calories when you are at rest. Taken before exercise it will greatly boost your metabolism even more and places your body in an optimal state to burn more subcutaneous body fat.


Taurine is an an amazing amino acid pure and simple. It is a potent anti-oxidant and physical performance enhancer. It helps the body digest food, especially fats in a particular way by metabolizing fat cells, making them readily available for energy production. Taurine supplements can reduce the risk of hyperglycemia and insulin resistance.


Glucuronolactone Several diverse studies suggest that glucuronolactone can increase mental performance in addition to physical performance. Often noted in these studies are improvements in reaction time, concentration and short term memory. ALPHA CUTS® uses the highest quality grade of glucuronolactone to ensure that all these effects are maximized, not the least of which are it’s impressive abilities in utilizing body fat stores in energy production.


Synephrine Hydrochloride is present due to it’s appetite suppressant qualities and amazing effects on overall metabolism. It is known to increase the metabolic rate by increasing lipolysis and basal metabolic rate (calories burned at rest) and has the ability to stimulate fat loss without significantly increasing blood pressure or heart rate.


Higenamine HCl is another integral part of ALPHA CUTS®. It is a catecholamine-like structure that interacts with the same class of receptors that the fat burner Synephrine does. It works by stimulating the activity of specific enzymes that boost the fat-burning effects and activity of chemical messengers involved in the metabolic process of burning fat tissue. It is this stimulant effect that causes your basic metabolic rate to increase and oxidize more fat. Higenamine was traditionally been used as an anti-asthmatic and has also shown bronchodilator effects. This is why it was a perfect fit for the ALPHA CUTS® formula to be used as a pre-cardio supplement and fat oxidizer at the same time. One of Higenamine’s key strengths is to release 'blocked' fat cells making them available for energy expenditure.


Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid also known as HICA a natural metabolite of the amino acid Leucine. It’s pathway leads to the formation of a key element in creating an anti-catabolic state: Leucic Acid. HICA works by increasing both protein synthesis (anabolic effect), and decreasing muscle tissue breakdown. Leucic Acid may also activate IGF-1 especially during cardiovascular exercise. When HICA enters into the muscle cell it can reduce acid buildup, allowing for longer periods of high-intensity activity before the muscle cell fatigues, clearing the circulation of waste products in particular ammonia and lactate.Why is HICA included in ALPHA CUTS? It’s a potent and yet safe way to increase anabolism in muscle tissue which is essential if your goal is to attain a lean physique without actually loosing muscle. It’s an excellent addition to the pre-workout aspects of ALPHA CUTS and compliments effectively with the potent metabolism boosters and stimulants in the complex.


N-Methyltyramine is a unique version of the compound L-Tyramine. It’s main mechanism of action promotes the release of Norepinephrine which supports higher energy levels. More importantly it has been shown to work as an Alpha 2 Adrenoceptor antagonist creating a situation with our bodies insulin that allows fat burning. N-methyltyramine significantly increases adrenergic neurotransmitters facilitating focus and mental concentration without jitteriness.


Cassia Nomame has been popular in Asia for thousands of years and and has been used to support healthy fat loss. Dissimilar to other stimulating fat oxidizers present in ALPHA CUTS® Nomame is a natural lipase inhibitor which blocks the lipase enzyme that breaks down fat for absorption. Subsequently fat can pass through the gastrointestinal tract without being absorbed and excreted. Not to be considered an actual ‘fat burner’ per se but a fat blocker. It impedes the absorption of dietary fat.An effective natural diuretic, Nomame supports healthy kidney function also.Naringin is well known for it’s appetite suppressant properties and beneficial effects on fat metabolism.


Naringin works as an aldose reductase inhibitor which inhibits the enzyme that turns glucose into sugars that remain trapped in the cell. Some studies also indicate that it has very positive effects on our HDL levels (good cholesterol). Another one of the reasons why Naringin is a must have in the ALPHA CUTS® formula is it’s effect on boosting the efficacy of Caffeine Anyhdrous and Guarana maximizing it’s thermogenic effect. Equally important is it’s ability to prolong all of the compounds in the blend creating a fat burning effect that lasts for hours.


Guarana is added as a potent mental focus enhancer and natural stimulant. Well known for it’s rapid boost in energy and and quick spike in thermogenesis Gurana is perfectly balanced into the longer lasting effects of other ALPHA CUTS fat burning ingredients. Guarana will “jump start” your body getting it ready for a tough workout or strenuous day at work while supporting all the thermogenic properties in the ALPHA CUTS® arsenal.ALPHA CUTS® by Alpha Pro Nutrition® should be your first choice for a Thermogenic and Pre-Cardio supplement combo!



ALPHA CUTS® should be your first choice for a Thermogenic / Pre-Cardio supplement combo!






NEW Alpha Cuts® in a fast-acting CAPSULE!


It goes without saying that losing body fat is not easy – and there’s more to it than simply trying to follow the latest fad diet. If you want long term changes, we’re talking about hard work – you have to be dedicated to healthy eating and exercising which often means a complete lifestyle change.  And while anyone dedicated enough to dropping those extra pounds for good can make it happen, you still need all the help you can get.


That’s where Alpha Cuts® comes in.


Alpha Cuts® now comes in two formulas designed to support your fat loss efforts.  There’s our proven and popular pre-cardio formula in a powder delivery format, which delivers a fast-acting dose of cutting edge fat loss and energy ingredients to help power you through even the most grueling of workouts, and now there is our BRAND NEW capsule version of Alpha Cuts designed to promote the ideal fat burning metabolism as well as deliver an extended fat-burning effect that will last for hours.  The best part is, you can stack the two formulas together, and dramatically increase your fat burning results!


So what’s in the new Alpha Cuts® capsule formula?


Check out the ingredients:


 Alpha Lipoic Acid - A 2 capsule serving provides 300 mg of a specialized form of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) that’s concentrated for more effective benefits. Here’s how it works - when we eat carbohydrates, our body breaks them down into glucose, which is then either used for energy or stored away in muscle cells or fat cells.  ALA works by driving more glucose into the muscle cells to be used as fuel during your workouts, instead of being stored as excess body fat. 


Cinnamon Bark Extract 4:1 – We use a concentrated form of Cinnamon Bark because of its ability to balance blood sugar levels and prevent the craving for sweets as well as the desire to binge on junk food. Cinnamon Bark also helps burn any excess carbs you may have taken in from an occasional dietary slip-up.


Caffeine Anhydrous Powder – This is a concentrated form of caffeine that’s designed to dramatically increase energy and alertness, as well as increase fat burning. The “anhydrous” version of Caffeine undergoes a process whereby all water is removed; resulting in a dry, white powder. Caffeine Anhydrous not only promotes energy, it also increases the neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine which help regulate the use of fat for energy. Additionally, Caffeine has a potent diuretic effect, removing excess water and reducing bloat. Finally, it can improve your performance in the gym, better workouts means better results!


Oolong Tea Extract  – Originating from the Camellia Sinensis plant, Oolong Tea has earned a reputation as a breakthrough weight loss ingredient that is undeniably superior to Green Tea when it comes to fat loss. Here’s why - all tea is green when it is picked, what makes one more effective than the other is the processing method. Green Tea utilizes a heated processing method that damages leaf oxidation and the integrity of the cell structure. Oolong Tea leaves are allowed to air dry, thus keeping leaf oxidation and cell structure intact – this makes a major difference in effectiveness! Research backs this up; several studies comparing the two have indicated that Oolong Tea is superior when it comes to weight loss, in terms of both energy expenditure and fat oxidation.


Chromium Polynicotinate – This mineral has been popular in fat loss products for decades and is the most biologically active form of chromium on the market. Chromium Polynicotinate effectively regulates blood sugar levels and helps prevent the conversion of excess glucose into stored body fat.


Alpha Cuts Lipolytic Catalysts – This exclusive blend consists of:


Gugulipid – This is a resinous substance originating from the guggul tree. The sap of the tree, or gum guggal, has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to help reduce cholesterol and to stimulate a under active thyroid. This compound has been used more recently to help stimulate the thyroid. Often referred to as the “Master of the Metabolism”, a slow thyroid can negatively impact your fat loss efforts, making it near impossible to lose body fat.


Citrus Aurantium – Also known as Bitter Orange, this very popular ingredient has been used successfully as a replacement for Ephedra, and can significantly increase energy levels as well as your metabolism, thereby allowing fat to be burned as energy.


Synephrine – Another very common Ephedra replacement, this ingredient provides a clean, smooth energy flow as well as acting as an effective thermogenic.


Bioprene – Or,Black Pepper, which is known to dramatically enhance nutrient absorption, making any formula it happens to be a part of much more effective.



With two great formulas to choose from, which Alpha Cuts® product is right for you?  Why not use both? While our team at Alpha Pro Nutrition made sure to create two unique, effective fat loss formulas, they were also designed to be stacked together, creating a powerful fat-burning combo that is second to none. The powdered version of Alpha Cuts® can be used any time you need more energy, but its ingredients are optimized when taken about 30 minutes before your workout. The capsule formula works better when spread throughout the day as the ingredients take a little longer to assimilate into the bloodstream, providing a much more time-release effect ensuring constant fat-burning!


It should be noted that if you stack the two Alpha Cuts® formulas, you should take ½ serving of each and also not use both within two hours of each other. As with most stimulant-based products, neither formula of Alpha Cuts® should be consumed within 6 hours of bed time, and tend to work best when occasionally cycled off.  A good cycle would be 5 days on, 2 days off, with a 2 week break after 8 weeks of continued use.


Many breakthrough ingredients have been introduced over the last few years in the field of fat loss formulas, and Alpha Cuts® brings the most effective of those ingredients together in these two uniquely powerful blends. Committing to a healthy and active lifestyle is necessary for achieving long-lasting fat loss, but when you need some extra help, Alpha Cuts® is the only choice!