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  • Generate "Super-Compensation"

  • Micronized for maximum absorption 

  • Increases ATP and glycogen in muscle tissue

  • Enhances recovery

  • Promotes protein synthesis

  • Mixes perfectly with any liquid


500 g,   100 servings

You know about L-Glutamine. You’ve been told many, many times about the basics of this amazing amino acid – about it being the most abundant amino, accounting for some 60% of muscle tissue, you’ve heard that it’s the primary transporter of nitrogen to your working muscles – you’ve heard that it’s great for recovery, helps prevent muscle protein breakdown during hard workouts and that it plays a role in muscle growth. You may have also heard that glutamine stores are severely depleted by hard training and must be replaced by supplementation.

What you don’t know is that the L-Glutamine category has a new leader with the introduction of L-Glutamine by Alpha Pro Nutrition®! This is a premium quality, ultra-micronized L-Glutamine that gives you 5 grams per serving. It’s an unflavored powder with no artificial colors or flavors – you can mix it with anything! Add it to your pre, intra and post workout shakes for much greater anabolic power! Since it’s ultra-micronized, it will absorb much faster than other, inferior glutamine products that cannot compete with the innovation and quality of Alpha Pro Nutrition®.

Ok. Let’s look at the benefits of this very popular supplement. It should by now go without saying that the most important component of muscle growth is recovery. Everything you do in the gym and kitchen leads to one critical, sometimes over-looked component – recovery - which is where muscle growth happens. Clinical research has shown that glutamine plays a key role in recovery by preventing the body from falling into an over-trained state, which would have catabolic effects on your physique. Studies have also shown that L-Glutamine can help you recover faster - one way it does this is by promoting glycogen storage. Research has indicated that glutamine works synergistically with glucose to help replenish glycogen stores post-workout – this means faster recovery and muscle growth.

There’s one more important concept that fits into the recovery puzzle – the term “super-compensation” refers to the muscles responding to a progressive training stimulus by increasing their capacity for work output. This concept is tied into recovery, glycogen replenishment, muscle growth and training performance – in simple terms, when you train a muscle, you must allow recovery to take place, the muscle then responds by coming back bigger and stronger than it was before, primed and ready for an increased level of workout /athletic performance. L-Glutamine, by helping to promote post-workout glycogen storage and optimal recovery, can help this process take place. L-Glutamine research has also indicated that it effectively helps stimulate protein synthesis and GH release – two processes that can function as part of the super-compensation effect and promote both size and improved work output. It can be noted that the effect of super-compensation is essentially a “time window” that takes place right after recovery and represents the ideal time to train – a good reason to hit the weight several times a week!

What else can L-Glutamine do, you ask? By serving as an energy source during hard workouts, it helps spare your muscles from being used as energy. This is especially evident when you are following a low –carb diet or if you have depleted your glycogen stores due to heavy training – when this happens, you need a replacement – fast – so your body does not turn to muscle tissue to replenish instead.


Additionally, L-Glutamine promotes immune system health and function. Every time you hit the gym your immune system suffers. If your immune system operates at a reduced level, your risk for getting sick increases – the last thing you want! Clinical research has shown that supplementing withL-Glutamine enhances immune system function.

As you can see, L-Glutamine is a “must-have” supplement that should be a cornerstone product in your overall supplement program. Don’t waste your time or hard-earned money on cheap, grainy, low quality products – go with the brand you can trust for ultimate gains – Alpha Pro Nutrition®!

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