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Alpha Pro Nutrition® Alpha Pro Kids

Alpha Pro Kids Gives Your Kids What They Need!

Any serious bodybuilder or athlete understands the importance of vitamins and minerals. They are key nutrients the body needs every day. But what about kids? If you have kids, are they taking a vitamin/mineral supplement? If not, they should be. Sure, there are a lot of choices out there. Yet the best choice for your children is Alpha Pro Nutrition Alpha Pro Kids. Let’s find out why!

Kids Don’t Always Eat What They Should

No doubt you’ve had to deal with this problem with your kids. You are determined to feed them a healthy diet. Yet it just doesn’t happen because they do not like the foods that are best for them. That’s where Alpha Pro Kids comes in. These delicious organic Gummies provide 12 key vitamins and minerals.

That’s great, you say, but aren’t they loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients? The answer is no! Alpha Pro Nutrition Alpha Pro Kids only has 1g of organic sugar per gummy. Compare that to those other gummies that have at least double the amount of sugar. Not to mention, besides being USDA Certified Organic, Alpha Pro Kids contain zero artificial ingredients. They are naturally flavored, colored, and sweetened. There are no preservatives or fillers. Finally, it’s a non-GMO, vegan/vegetarian formula. Doesn’t that sound like a supplement you want to give your kids?


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