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Alpha Pro Nutrition INTRALOAD® - The Most Potent BCAA/EAA Formula Available!

Hard, intense training sessions are by nature catabolic. That’s because by the end of your workout, you have depleted glycogen stores and broken down muscle tissue. This is why an intra-workout formula is critically important. An intra-workout will help you maintain an anabolic state while you train. Think about that for a moment! How much more progress can you make if you can keep the body in an anabolic state even while working out? Sounds good, right? With that in mind, the strongest intra-workout you can use is Alpha Pro Nutrition INTRALOAD®!

INTRALOAD® - The Ultimate Weapon Of Mass Construction!

The first product Alpha Pro made available again was the legendary pre-cardio thermogenic Alpha Cuts. The next classic product lined up and ready to go is INTRALOAD®, the most potent intra-workout on the market.

Take a look at the formula:

BCAA Complex 12:1:1

BCAAs - Leucine is directly involved in the process of protein synthesis and INTRALOAD® optimizes this effect. Leucine activates the mTOR pathway, which stimulates protein synthesis. This, of course, directly triggers new muscle growth.

There’s a huge 10g of BCAAs in an innovative 12:1:1 ratio. That means one scoop gives you a massive 8,570 mg dose of leucine. That’s more than any other product!

BCAAs are three of the nine EAAs. All the EAAs need to be present for Leucine to achieve its full effects. INTRALOAD® utilizes all 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids and the remaining Essential Amino Acids.

The EAAs are amino acids that the body can’t make. They have to come from diet and supplements. This is critical. If your body is lacking even a single amino acid, the entire growth process comes to a screeching halt. Therefore, if you want to reach your goals, you want to make sure you are getting all the essential amino acids, especially the BCAAs. INTRALOAD® utilizes all 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids and the remaining Essential Amino Acids. (1, 2)

BCAAs Are Only The Beginning!

There’s also L-Glutamine to support recovery, stimulate protein synthesis, and prevent muscle protein breakdown. That makes Glutamine anti-catabolic. It’s also depleted in times of stress, such as when you workout. That makes it even more important.

From there, you’ll find pure L-Citrulline for increased production of nitric oxide. Of course, that means great pumps and increased nutrient delivery to your working muscles. There are several nitric oxide boosting ingredients on the market, but Citrulline is one of, if not the, most effective of them all.

Then we have Taurine for cognitive functions and, as an osmolyte, to pull water into the muscle for increased cell volume.

Next up is Alanine which supports nitrogen and glucose levels in the body through a process known as the Alanine Cycle, one of the body’s energy systems. Finally, we have Glycine which, along with the amino acids arginine and methionine, forms creatine in the body.

The Benefits Of An Intra-Workout

An intra-workout like INTRALOAD® covers one of the three phases of your workout. First, there’s your pre-workout for energy, pumps, cognitive enhancement, and performance. Then, there’s your post-workout to supply protein and carbs for glycogen replenishment, muscle repair, and recovery. In between these two is your intra-workout. This keeps you in an anabolic state while you train, as well as supporting endurance, pumps, and hydration. Your best choice for an intra-workout is Alpha Pro INTRALOAD®.

Here are the benefits of INTRALOAD:

  • Activates Muscle Growth By Stimulating Protein Synthesis - As noted, BCAAs and EAAs stimulate protein synthesis and help kick start the process of recovery.

  • Prevents Muscle Protein Breakdown - This is critical because, as noted, you can avoid the catabolic nature of training.

  • Supports Endurance and Reduces Fatigue - When every rep counts, endurance is key to a great workout.

  • Prevents Dehydration - Avoiding dehydration supports cognitive function and overall in-the-gym performance.

  • Improves Cognitive Function - Your mind-muscle connection is crucial. INTRALOAD® helps you stay focused on all your reps and sets.

INTRALOAD® - The Key To A Better Workout

We can’t emphasis how important adding a intra-workout such as Alpha Pro INTRALOAD® is to your workouts. We’ve seen INTRALOAD’s impressive nutrient profile and we’ve seen the benefits of using an intra-workout. No doubt the key to a successful training session is to meet or exceed your goals for that session. That might be more weight on your primary compound exercises, or it might be more reps of a given exercise.

Maybe you’re focused on specific rep performance protocol. For example, you might be thinking explosive up, slow and controlled down, with a pause in the fully stretched position. You also might be thinking about beyond failure techniques like rest-pause or drop sets. Regardless, the key is to work hard and be consistently progressive.

No matter what your goals for your next workout are, one of the best ways to insure you achieve them is the 3 phase approach we mentioned earlier. Take your favorite pre-workout. Then, mix up a serving of INTRALOAD®. Maybe load up your shaker with some ice so it’s nice and refreshingly cold. Sip it throughout your workout, finishing a couple of sets before you’re all done.

Then, within a half hour after you’re done, get in your post-workout shake. Finally, wait an hour or two, and have a high protein, moderate to high complex carb meal. This should be quality food, no processed foods, no junk, nothing high in sugary carbs.

That’s the key to a great workout.

Alpha Pro INTRALOAD® - Fully Open Label And Effective Dosing!

Not every product making big claims is well-dosed or fully transparent. Some over-hyped supplements rely on massively under-dosed prop blends. Not INTRALOAD®! With a stunning 10g of BCAAs and over 8g of Leucine, this potent intra-workout does not mess around.

But What Does It Taste Like?

Alpha Pro INTRALOAD® tastes absolutely amazing. It’s hard not to like Tropical Fruit flavor, right? It’s refreshing and delicious, especially on ice. There’s 30 servings per container, it mixes up easy, there’s no clumps and no mess.


We’ve seen how important an intra-workout is to your workout success. Not to mention, we’ve also seen that the strongest intra-workout on the market is INTRALOAD®. With 10g BCAAs and over 8g of leucine per serving, it’s easy to see why. Alpha Pro INTRALOAD® is back, and it's what an intra-workout is all about!

Get it here:


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