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Children's Organic Multi Vitamin Gummies Vitamin D C Zinc Alpha Pro Kids NO Artificial Sweeteners Co

About this item

  • USDA Certified Organic Alpha Pro Kids Children's Multi Vitamin Gummies

  • NO artificial colors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO Pork or Beef gelatin, Non GMO. Free of soy, wheat, milk, egg and lactose

  • Delicious flavors and soft texture that kids love! Specially formulated to provide nutritional support for kids

  • Vegan / Vegetarian formula in a base of organic lemon juice and organic concentrated vegetable juice

  • Alpha Pro Kids manufactured by Alpha Pro Nutrition in cGMP Certified FDA inspected facilities. Made in The United States of America

Alpha Pro Kids USDA Organic Multi Vitamin Gummies Alpha Pro Kids Gummies are certified USDA Organic ensuring that all the ingredients in our product have met the extensive production and labeling requirements. They are Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan and contain no pork gelatin, no artificial coloring agents, no artificial sweeteners. We create them in a natural Pectin base and never use any kind of gelatin. Where Food Comes From Organic. Alpha Pro Nutrition is a WFCF Organic Certified Handler Alpha Pro Kids is Made In The USA For active kids! Wether your kids "never sit still" or if you'd like them a little less sedentary proper vitamin and mineral intake is crucial for their healthy development.No yucky stuff! Alpha Pro Kids USDA Organic Multi Vitamin Gummies are made from a base of lemon juice and concentrated vegetable juice. That's where we get the beautiful colors from! Softies! Our gummies have the best texture! Never hard yet never overly "mushy" Alpha Pro Kids Gummies melt in your mouth in the most delicious way.Gummy power! Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are real, even in today's abundant food supply. Alpha Pro Kids likes to make sure we give everything our children need to grow up to their full potential. Let's make sure our kids get what they need to develop Our children today may not have the best eating habits due to parents' work schedules and today's school responsibilities. Alpha Pro Kids USDA Organic Natural Multi Vitamin Gummies can help in filling the nutritional deficiencies that processed foods and periods of high stress can cause. Brought to you from Alpha Pro Nutrition

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