MB1 Muscle Shirt

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The mythical MB1

Born in California in 1995 designed by Alex Ardenti and created in the famous Fashion District of Los Angeles, the MB1 Muscle Shirt becomes an immediate success in the world of bodybuilding also thanks to the ambassadors of the era such as Milos Sarcev, Jay Cutler, Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman and numerous other champions who loved to wear it during training and at the most important events in the industry.

The peculiarity of the structure of the 4 Way Soft Stretch elastic fabric is the extreme softness on the skin. The MB1 is not a compression shirt like many other similar garments of little value. It is but a second skin that is completely adherent but that allows the skin to breathe during exercise and that conforms to the athlete's physique without excessively compressing the muscle.

In addition to the obvious superior and exclusive technical aspects of the shirt, the strategic cuts of the fabric are idealised to highlight an athletic physique to the maximum.

The production of each garment begins with Alex controlling the production of the fabric by ensuring the level of quality in person. From the fabric production factory the raw material is cut by hand according to the drawing and then brought to the rooms with expert suits where it is sewn by hand. In the end, the shirts are transported to the studio where the famous Malibu logo is applied then folded and packed only after a strict quality control '.

Ready now for export the t-shirts are shipped overseas from Los Angeles to our logistics centre in Rome for distribution throughout Europe and the Middle East.

The MB1 are all cut and sewn by hand in an artisanal way not at an industrial level and have the particularity of being truly unique each with its very light shades of the stitching while keeping the classic cut unchanged. Colours are also constantly changing throughout the year and we promise to always bring you new and unmistakeable colours.

The MB1 Muscle Shirt is today an international icon in the world of gym sports and beyond. It is a symbol of those who take care of both their physique and their image. Perennially elegant, the MB1 is a strong demonstration of passion for bodybuilding.